Facials & Peels

Peel Away the Years

All of our peels are available in three levels, from superficial to deep, and are designed to meet your skin’s specific needs Pre-treatments are recommended for all chemical peels.

The recommended treatment regimen for Level One and Two peels is one peel every 4 to 6 weeks. Level Three peels are performed only one to two times per year.

Ormedic Lift: Organic ingredients with medical effectiveness work to rebalance, regenerate, and restore skin, while comfrey stem cells boost cellular turnover.

Signature Lift: Vitamin C and fruit enzymes blended in an aloe vera base visibly reduce redness and brighten the skin while hyaluronic acid provides superior hydration.

Lightening Lift: Lactic acid blended with kojic acid and a cocktail of brightening agents reduces all forms of pigmentation – sun spots, brown spots and redness – for a clear, even skin tone.

Wrinkle Lift: Ultra-resurfacing blend of glycolic acid combined with retinol to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Acne Lift: Blend of alpha and beta hydroxy acid (AHAs & BHAs) with protective agents to effectively treat all grades of acne while resurfacing and smoothing the skin.

Spa Facial Treatments

Illuminating Facial: This luxurious treatment diminishes dark spots by utilizing the latest innovations in lightening and exfoliating technologies. Skin tone is immediately improved, providing a glowing, radiant complexion instantly. Perfect for all skin types.

Purifying Facial: Say goodbye to breakouts. This treatment combines powerful antibacterial ingredients with soothing anti-inflammatory botanicals to fight acne lesions without irritating delicate skin. Perfect for oily, acne-prone skin.

Antioxidant Anti-Aging Facial: After just one treatment you’ll know why vitamin C is a must-have anti-aging ingredient. This rejuvenating treatment lightens, brightens, and tightens the skin while soothing botanicals reduce redness and add vital hydration. Fine lines and wrinkles are plumped and smoothed for an instant ‘age later’ transformation.


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