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About Our Practice

Enhance the natural beauty of your face and smile with stress-free oral and maxillofacial services! We are a trusted, top-rated oral and maxillofacial surgical practice. We offer both surgical and non-surgical procedures. Our specialists will enhance the natural beauty of your face and smile in the best and most stress-free way possible!

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The Highest Standards in Oral Care

Our practice aims to provide excellent personalized care to every single patient. We’ll work closely with you to get you the results that you want in the most comfortable and stress-free way possible. Our restorative specialists will develop a comprehensive treatment plan that works best for your wants and needs!  


We believe that optimal oral health begins with preventative care. Our practice is committed to equipping our patients with the education that they’ll need to keep their smiles healthy and beautiful. We conduct thorough exams that evaluate the overall health of your teeth, gums, and bones. Our goal is not just to enhance the aesthetics of your smile, but also to promote your overall health and wellness. Additionally, we carefully review your medical history to ensure that we are fully informed of any conditions or medications that could impact your dental health.

Uncompromised Safety Standards

Your safety is our top priority! That’s why we take infection control and prevention so seriously at our office. We are committed to protecting both our patients and our staff. In order to guarantee a safe and healthy environment, we follow strict sterilization and cross-contamination protocols that meet the standards of the American Dental Association (ADA), American Medical Association (AMA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and Center for Disease Control (CDC). By adhering to these guidelines, we can help prevent the spread of infectious diseases and maintain the highest level of safety for everyone in our office.

Leading Techniques and Technology

We’re committed to providing our patients with the very best diagnostic and surgical treatments available. We use only the leading techniques and technologies in the oral care industry to give our patients the best results possible!

Unparalleled Training and Expertise

As certified health professionals, we’re committed to offering top-quality oral care. All of our patients deserve the highest quality in oral care, and we’re prepared to give it to them! Our team of skilled clinicians are highly trained and highly rated. We’re constantly staying up to date with the latest techniques, products, and equipment available in our field. We attend various dental lectures, meetings, and surgical conventions to expand our knowledge and skills, and we are active members of professional dental and medical associations.

Stress-Free Environments

Our goal is to create a sense of trust and comfort with every patient we serve. We recognize that oral procedures can be stressful, but we strive to provide a relaxing and positive experience for every single patient. Our team is fully committed to delivering exceptional, personalized care and service that ensures your comfort and satisfaction during every single visit!

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